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I think i was too drunk to use a computer last night. Damn shiraz. I hate having to apologize for email.

I'm just avoiding going to school. I have a test, lecture, and a weeks worth of homework that isn't going to get finished. I'm not worried about the homework, but i need to get the test done and the lecture hours in.

I feel like i'm old - i'm sore and achey in so many different spots. I'm going to be one of those old people that complains about my arthritis all the time.

Friday night, after all the other things i'm doing on friday, i have to clean my house to my mother's standards. She's coming up to help me get a dining room table from my aunt in palm desert. So i have to hide bunches of stuff, stash two of the four cats, and scrub everything. sometime between friday midnightish and saturday morning. gah.
And i'm sure, no matter what i do, she will find something wrong.

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