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*falls over*

I have tonight off, and i am trying to be productive. As i am not used to being productive, i am now exhausted.

My mom and dad picked me up at 11am this morning, and we drove out to Palm Desert to my aunt's house. She, being the wonderful aunt that she is, made an all-veggie mexican food lunch, accompanied by a large glass of white wine. After lunch, my parents and i loaded up the dining room table and chairs into the back of the truck, and back to my house we went.

This dining room table isn't that big, but my kitchen is super small - some re-arranging will need to be done. The four big padded rolling chairs don't really fit anywhere.

My mom wants to buy me an automatic garage door opener, mostly because i don't want to pay for one, and she wants me to be parking my car in the garage (really, not a bad idea).

after all this, I ran some errands and then went to Home Depot and bought myself some purple paint for the bathroom. I have no idea how to paint a room, so this should be fun. i'll take pics.

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