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hair experiments

So I have this bottle of bluish purple hair dye, and I think it may look very pretty over my reddish-purply blackish hair ... or it may not show up at all, or it may come out too blue and get me in trouble at work, I don't really care how it comes out, but I'm doing it this morning.

Worked at Garden Grove last night, covered for Naomi. It was totally dead, five patients, one critical dog, three cats, and one dog I didn't particularly like for no real reason. I really didn't need to be there, but by the time I figured that out, it was too late to be anywhere else.

Hung out at TC a bit last night, yes, it was closed, I know how absolutely sad I am, but others were there too. And I called ahead and knew clockworkbadger was going to be there ... i feel justified. and somewhat defensive, i think.

And everyone freaks if i don't want all my phone calls to be public matters.

Going to see the Adicts tonight with Eleni ... I got suckered into driving, as always ... It will (should) be fun, though ... I've seen them before and it was a great show. So I'm getting all punk rock tonight.

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