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The dress is at the tailors, and though there is little that can be done about the fact that the boning is shaped for someone with a significantly greater upper body curvature, it will still look good. it will look hawt, in fact.

Now i'm just waiting for the people from Home Depot to come measure my floor. They will be here sometime between one and three. So probably closer to three. I've got to go to Trader Joe's and the hair supply place (dying of hair will go on tonight). I've still got to pack, as well, and i need to clean up a bit and try to childproof the house.

T-mobile will be sending me a new phone. The second new phone in four months. I would not recommend selecting the Motorola V180. Ever. I can't upgrade until November, either. Not without paying more money than i feel like paying.

I will not panic.
Everything will go fine.
Dasan will not stick his fingers in the birdcage and require a trip to the ER.
I'll be at the river in 24 hours or so, and close to water and desert.

I'm all excited.

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