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self-pity in buckets.

One of the things i hate about living out here ...

mostly a minor complaint.
I've got tons of homework. If I go into OC, there's pretty much my whole night gone. I can either do one or the other.
However ... I wanted to go out to dinner tonight. There's not much to eat here, i could use a little company, there's a BJ's that just opened up, and i just feel like going out, but i really have only an hour or two to spare.
If i were in OC, no big deal. There's a whole list of people i could call and talk into going out with me. Here? Nada. and i'm just not big on dining by myself.

I wonder if this is ever going to feel like home ... maybe once i stop referring to driving to OC as "going home".

After i finish school, i need to look at a way to get back to OC. I can't even afford it, though.

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