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non-connected statements

So last night, after the wedding, i went to my mom's house to take a shower and get into clothes that fit, and out of the high heels that i'd been wearing for most of the weekend. Had a hideously uncomfortable conversation with my mom that went something like this:

mom: How was the wedding?
me: Oh, it was nice *wedding details*
mom: did michael go with you?
me: ... um ... he was there.
mom: does that mean you guys ...

and then i ran upstairs to take a shower, because in a shower, tears just blend in.

I've never, ever been able to discuss my relationships with my parents. They never know if I'm dating someone until it's serious. A couple of times, I've been living with someone before i bother to mention anything to my family. I don't know if it's my issue or theirs ... probably mine. I have many rules.

Before I left, I ate dinner with my family. They had steak, i had salad. Even with my size, i'm the thinnest person in my family. We learned bad eating habits early. Anyway, my brother got up from the table and took the fat that he cut off of his steak and dropped it into the dog's dish.
Flea got to it before I could. I yelled at my brother, whose response was, "they always eat it and they're fine." Why is Flea fat? I dunno ...

So all i can do is hope that he's right, because i don't want to pay for pancreatitis. But I'm sure Flea will be fine now, because he vomited up all of it on the way home. In my car. In my shiny new car.
I was not happy.
We stopped at a gas station, and thank goodness for floormats. I did the best cleanup job i could, and I will be shampooing the floormat very soon.

I called my brother and yelled at him some more.

Some people have tattoos where you would least expect it.

I'm not sure that I like the wedding pictures that I'm in. The bright sun, and the wind blowing my hair around ... i felt all pretty yesterday until I saw the pics. This, also, is probably my own issue.

I found today that I can fly to New York and back for $360. Not that there's anything i'm interested in in New York ... but i'm sure there's something to do there.

A few of my friends have gone there, and loved it, and been so enthusiastic about the whole thing ... personally, the city holds no interest for me. What's to like?

I've got the hearing with Central next week. I hope I'm prepared ... I've been prepared for months, but i just don't know what to expect, or what Central will throw back at me.

Also next week, I've got the second session of my tattoo removal. It's going to hurt, but i'm excited. I'm happy that it's going, I'll be very happy when it's gone.

I'm waiting for a call back from Heather, who is on a fact-finding mission for me.

I hate waiting.

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