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work whore

Silly me.
I may pick up a few shifts at the Culver City hospital, just for something different.
Like I need to work anymore.

But i did take off a lot of time this month, and I need some days off next month, and the hours and shifts would work out ... and it wouldn't kill me to work a few Thursday nights ... not like i do anything else after school.

And i'm poor and just need the money.

I got a ventilator patient last night. A super-gomer. A yorkie that had been mauled by a bull mastiff. Part of the medical record i saw read "... then the liver was gently pushed into the abdomen ..." Apparently it arrived with a portion of its liver trying to exit the body through a hole in the side. We're trying to get the dog stable enough to survive abdominal surgery. I'll bet this dog never gets that far. For the dog's sake, i hope it doesn't. We had it sedated with fentanyl, valium, and ketamine.

I'm really only working two days this week. It's kinda nice.

if i'm going to go to a club wednesday, i should probably find something to wear. Maybe i'll just be lazy and wear my plastic pants. I think devilsbitchboy will be coming with me, if it's 18+. I love dragging teenage boys around with me.

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