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define "woman".

This is bullshit.

The "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act", aka senate bill 51, found here, is a thinly veiled right-wing anti-choice bill.

Never mind that it's an anti-choice bill - this, i expect from out current government.
Never mind that it isn't medically sound - anyone who has ever participated in a c-section with a patient drugged or under anesthesia can tell you that the puppies (kittens, children) are anesthetized as well. Drugs given to the mother are given to the fetus. And I don't know that many women receiving legal abortions are having it done without anesthetic. Congresspeople should not be making medical decisions.

What really gets me about this bill is congress' new definition of womanhood:

`(6) WOMAN- The term `woman' means a female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant, whether or not she has reached the age of majority.

read it again, if it didn't shock you the first time.

The most dangerous thing about this line is that it isn't exclusive to this bill. If this bill is adopted into law, this definition can be applied elsewhere. So, by definition of the US government, I am not a woman.

Currently, and possibly permanently (i'm not really wanting to test it out), I am not capable of becoming pregnant. Am I not a woman? Was I a woman the day i began menstruating? Does this exclude females past childbearing age, females who have had hysterectomies or ablations due to medical concerns? Any female who has had a tubal ligation isn't a woman?

The bill itself isn't the scariest thing i've ever seen come from our government. But it, and it's possible implications, is part of the slippery slope we seem to be rapidly sliding down.


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