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Last stop before Goodwill

11am, and I am happily sleeping ... phone rings. Open eyes, look at the number ... my mom. So I answer, mostly to save myself the rambling voicemail I would get.

"Do you want a couch?"


"Don't you want to know where it's from?"

"Um ... sure."

"Your uncle is getting rid of it. He wanted to know if you wanted it."

"Okay. What does it look like?"

"It's off white. It will look nice where you have those office chairs." (Fuck ... there are reasons I don't own white furniture. Give me something white and see how long it takes me to spill something on it.) "Your brother's friend John is visiting from Illinois. They can move it out there when you have time."

So I'm getting a new/old couch, delivered to me. So much of my stuff is secondhand from my family ... everytime they redecorate, I get new stuff. I wish someone would get a new dining room table so I would have a place to put my sewing machine.

My house is clean ... for the most part, or superficially at least. It always amazes me to see how much cat hair I pick up ... would be almost funny if it didn't impede my respirations. Oh, and I swiched purses ... decided that I carry too much stuff and pared it down into a smaller bag. Since I almost always have my overnight bag with me anyway. Sucks that half of what I carry is medical crap.
And always amazes me how much junk I carry. Realized that I had been carrying almost all of my jewelry with me ... a couple of pounds of metal. Found jewelry I thought I lost.

So I'm thinking about going to visit my friend Jesse in Indianapolis maybe in a few months. Looking at some websites, I can fly out there for about $200, which I'm sure I can scrounge up by mid-summer. He says I'd be bored out there ... I said that I'm okay with that. I miss him. He's one of the few people that I can live with well, and there is always an open invitation for him to stay at my house. To bad it'll be a long, long time before he can come back to California.

and I wait to go to work, on my useless Thursday ... hopefully, good things after work, maybe, but more likely disappointment.

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