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I'm so going to be paying for this ...

Out again last night, and much fun was had. Perversions this time, where i went with helterskelteroc and ran into stephinextremis, arakrune, josiesaurus, bigbrother, rotting_orange, and chuck_hodi. I don't usually know so many people at a club, it was nice to be there with friends. Even if we had to shout into each other's ears to be heard.

Every time i go out with Danny, I'm having fun. It's a little odd, i don't usually warm up to people so quickly, but he's really easy for me to get along with. yay for new friends.

I think I'm going to go out again tonight - Das Bunker. If i have any clean clothes left to dance in ... I'm going shopping today, so I could always pick up something new, I guess. I'm all eager to spend money, don't know why. I'm working enough hours that I have it to spend, at least. I've gone out more this week than i usually do in a month.

My legs are all wobbly and weak.

So ... who is going to Bunker tonight?

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