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I don't mean to be lazy ...

Somehow, quite accidentally, I've ended up with the whole weekend off.

As of thursday, I was supposed to work Saturday and Sunday graveyard. Then the party thing, and I got Saturday off. And now, Naomi calls, and asks if I can work next sunday for her instead of this one. Which is fine ... but it defers the money for the shift onto another paycheck, which may be an issue ... I'm in a bit of a financial hole right now. Or a big financial hole. But I'll be optimistic. And I'll be ok.

So I have this big void in my schedule to be filled ... I don't quite know what to do with it ... right now I'm waiting for my brother to show up with couch. Hopefully it will fit through the front door, and I wont have to bring it through the back and maneuver it down the hall.

So hopefully this party tonight is fun ... If I can keep my mind off the other things that currently preoccupy me, I should have a good time.

And hopefully the things that preoccupy my mind will have some free time this weekend.

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