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Adventures with MAC

My feet hurt, but it was well worth it. If i'm going to be walking around out in public, i'm going to do it in hot shoes.

I wore my toes out walking around South Coast Plaza with Danny. I didn't indulge as much as i thought i might, but in stores where the cost of a handbag is more than my last paycheck, that's a good thing. I may go back for the hot pink Fendi sunglasses, however. they were just too cute.

What I do have is a new fav lipstick, shinyshiny eyeshadow, and some foundation that will better match my skin since i exposed it to the sun last month. Also had a wonderful lunch at california pizza kitchen. it was a really fun day.

But now, there's a party going on, and instead of going and having fun, i have to go to work ... which i really doubt will be all that much fun, if any fun at all. I'm getting a bit burnt out, and i'm thinking of dropping a day, if i can afford it. Maybe saturdays. Maybe i'll have a real life someday.

But for now, i just have to put on my scrubs and go to work. and there's no light until Thursday evening.

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