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There's a certain very happy moment, where one realizes that one fits into something that previously was far too tight. Yay for pants.
10 down, 25 to go. w00t.

Left work early, do to debilitating crampage ... yeah, i'm sure you wanted to know that. anyway, leaving work early may have bought me a couple hours of sleep on thursday, since i am now doing some of the cleaning i was going to do then. and bleaching my hair, in preparation for the purple dye. My house is still a fucking mess, and Danny will see it on Thursday, and it's enough of a mess that it's embarrassing. Not that i'd think anyone would expect me to be a good housekeeper.

I've been in one of those good moods lately that just encourages me to be mean to people ... snarky, biting remarks come quickly to my tongue. I'll make a joke at anyone's expense. I entertain myself greatly in these moods, but it's unproductive in the end.

i just put the purple in my hair, and there was just barely enough ... here's hoping i don't end up with blonde spots.

I miss Flea. He's been at my mom's, and i haven't made it down there to get him. maybe tomorrow morning.

The "we are all on drugs" song, by weezer, it makes me laugh.


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