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Six days of work, done and over with. Hallelujah. don't have to go back until saturday.
I'm supposed to be at school right now, but i managed to sleep through two alarms (while having terrible dreams - about work). So i didn't go to school today. I really don't care.
I received a letter the other day stating that I was accepted to the vet tech school that i want to go to. I have to meet with them soon and bring them money.

So the revised plan for tonight - I'm going to get dressed and ready and head down to garbage grove to camp out at my mom's house and meet up with Danny. I don't really want to dog-sit all weekend, but i will.

My lasered tattoo still hurts. Probably because i keep picking at it. it's almost as good as a sunburn.

I woke up today with the cat kneading his paws on my face. works better than any alarm clock.

i'm procrastinating, and i don't even know why.

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