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changing the oil and such nonsense

I really need to take the car for an oil change today, but i don't want to.
I looked at my bank account online, and almost nothing from vegas is showing up yet. so i have no idea how much money i really have. I'm not optimistic. At least most of my bills and stuff have already been paid.

I should take a day or two to take care of things. Sort out the piles of mail, finish all my paperwork, take care of the house and the car. A day or two in which i'm not just fucking around or going out.
But fucking around and going out is so much fun.
And after June 1, I doubt I'll be going out quite so much. Gotta get it while i can.

Speaking of getting it ... i'm getting really tired of this not getting any problem i'm having lately. I should probably not be so shy. I was pathetically quiet at the club in Las Vegas - spent all night staring at a tall, skinny boy in glasses and never said a single word. I need to get over that. No one is going to come up to me. but what to say?

i'm really going to go change the oil. for reals.

and some more sleep would have been nice.

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