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Not being able to reach anyone sucks.
I'm talking to voicemail, or interrupting something important, or just listening to endless ringing. Everyone on the short list of people i've been trying to get in touch with is unavailable.
but that's me, always wanting the unavailable and never what i can actually have. silly kasey.

Work last night was full of horribly aggressive animals, the most notable of which was the cat who leapt from the exam table to Renee's face. It could have been much worse than it was. As soon as Renee started screaming, the cat panicked and jumped to the top of the cages, where we were able to get him down with a rabies pole. The way Renee was screaming, i was sure she had been lacerated or something, but it wasn't so bad. I felt bad about what happened, but there really wasn't much more i could have done to prevent it. We didn't know the cat was so bad.

There was a bad dog, too. A chow mix was trying to kill everything that came near it, and had to be heavily sedated over the night. Lucky me, i got to deal with it every single time it needed something.

I did make friends with the 230lb St. Bernard. He's cuddly.

I'm hardly getting any sleep, and eating as little as i can get away with. gee, why am i tired and weak all the time now?

found this in a Scion community -
"Last week I spent 5 hours cleaning, polishing and waxing my box. Now it's nice and shiny."
I know i'm juvenile ... but the first thought that came to my head was not of an automobile. It's nice to have something to giggle at in the morning.

Someone to snuggle with would be a really nice thing right now.

Multiple people lately have told me that I look "different", without being able to pin anything down. I haven't changed anything, except the weight loss. i don't know what's up with that. maybe it's the dark circles under my eyes.

I have no one to blame but myself for my exhaustion, but that doesn't mean i won't bitch about it.

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