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i was quarantined.

Last night was ... odd.

I was all ready for the club, dressed in my finest and done up. Then Kylie showed up, and at the last minute i decided that i had to wear something completely different. So I changed from long fluffy dress to shortshort skirt and velvet tank top, and off we went. I wrote down the directions and then forgot them, but we did get there after only a short detour.

I don't know what it was about the place, but there was a very weird vibe going on ...
eventually, i got drunk enough to ignore any vibe at all and dance upstairs. The dancing made it all worthwhile.

Lots of people were there ... Danny and Lena, Chuck, and bunches of friends of Kylie's that I ended up talking to. Something was just off, the whole night.

but what the hell, i'd go back.

Woke up at 9am with low blood sugar, and now I can't get back to sleep. This is going to make work difficult tonight.

I'm taking Tyler to the prom next week. This looks silly, but i think it could be fun ... and it wouldn't take much to be better than my high school prom. *shudder*
That was something to be forgotten ... driving up in my beat up grand am, me in my ren faire dress and bad makeup, my boyfriend who wouldn't dance, and wouldn't let me dance with anyone else - so the whole night was sitting at the table for four hours. Getting drunk off cheap nasty beer after the prom, in a shared hotel room ... I can still remember holding my dress up so it didn't drag on the stone stairs of the Motel 6 when we went in.
Yeah, high school sure was great.

So I'm doing this prom thing over again. and my dress is much hotter.

I don't know why this video makes me laugh so much, but i watched it twice and cracked up. The scientific explanation of brainfreeze is a kick, too.

All the people, the talking, the dancing, the flirting ... it's all half-hearted, because there's still only one thing i really want.
i hope he knows.

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