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Naked goth people

Just got home, 20 minutes or so ago ... time flies when I'm having fun. Met some rather interesting characters, one who was hitting on me rather unabashedly. I never know how to react to that, so i do my usual blank stare and non-committal, vague answers to things. So nice to see Joe and Question and Brooke. Joe showed up sober and was stumbling drunk within 15 minutes of arrival, thank you Absolut Vanilia. He maintained that level for most of the rest of the night, putting a large hole in the wall at one point, and still hanging on everyone drunk when I left at 4:30. Question kept trying to set me up with people. I couldn't quite get across to him that I'm happy in the situation I'm in.

The house was this beautiful mansion at the peak of a hill, with a huge backyard overlooking the rest of the city. Pool with waterfall, jacuzzi, and slide, outdoor fireplace, big patio. The pool was heated and inviting, and a good portion of the party ended up naked and in it at one point. Some that shouldn't have been naked, and some who looked very nice in their nakedness. Looked like so much fun ... but I maintained my clothes and my dignity. And it is a pain to put vinyl back onto wet legs. I had some people trying hard to convince me. Which made the idea even creepier. But I have that "no nakedness" rule, held especially strict around strangers. Yeah, I'm fucking uptight sometimes.

Only thing that sucked was that I didn't know most of the people there. It takes me a while to relax and talk around people I don't know, even with the help of Joe's vanilla-hazelnut martinis. (Which I may have to make for my next party. So good.) I did loosen up eventually and made friendly, socialized a bit. Played shenai on the back lawn with a couple people. Got my ass kicked, but I had lots of fun doing that. Really was a fun group of people. Much interesting conversation occurred.

My brother and his friend John brought my new couch up today (yesterday). He called, and said he was right out front of my place, so I go outside to meet him. Pull the door shut behind me, and *click* hear it lock. Fuck. And the back door is bolted. the window to the living room was open, so I pulled the screen off, and John jumped through. We tried to get the screen back on, but now it doesn't want to fit. I'm going to have to fix that before it gets much warmer, so I can open that widow without the cats taking off and roaming around the complex.

My living room looks much more comfy and inviting, though. The couch is nicer than I expected from a family with a baby. I think that my project for tomorrow (today) may involve vacuuming the cat hair off the old couch. Oh, the excitement is overwhelming. My mom is going to loan me her steam-cleaner this week, so I can try to get my carpets all clean. I'd like to keep my house nice, not that anyone comes up to see me (hint, hint). Well, I enjoy it being nice, anyway. And not being so obviously run by the three cats.

Someday I may even finish decorating this place and make it look less like an apartment. I want to paint stuff. Decorate the bathroom and the kitchen. Personalize the house a lot more. But this takes creativity, talent, or money, and I have little of any at the moment.

I think I should probably try to sleep now ... the light is creeping through the blinds, and the evil day star will be here soon.

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