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"i'm a carpool, i'm a carpool..."

Maschine was an odd place last night, or maybe i was just in an odd mood.
well, i'm definitely in an odd mood.

Kylie: "People are going to think it's strange that i'm wearing a different shirt than the one i came in wearing."
Me: "Nah. It's not like people sit around at these clubs and discuss what everyone is wearing."
Kylie: "oh ye- hey! yes they do!"

hell, that's the most interesting thing to do at some clubs. At this one, however, it was more interesting to watch the dancing. I felt bad for laughing.

I'm spending tomorrow (okay, to be technical, today) up here, then coming back to OC in the late evening. I may or may not go to Perversion - i could do without spending the money, and i have bunches of stuff to do friday, but you know ... it would be fun. and fun is hard to pass up.

Friday ... i'm a bit nervous about friday. I'm meeting with her... i don't want to look her in the face, but i'm meeting her for lunch. Why? i'm not quite sure. i want the whole story. i have questions, and asking them via email wasn't working so well, because i'm having a hard time even organizing my thoughts.
He wants to prove himself to me, and so i want to find out if i've gotten the whole truth.
i feel i owe her an apology, as well. not that i'm absolving her of all responsibility, but many of the things i took to be truth about her were based on inaccurate and incomplete information. had i known the whole truth, my anger would have been divided a bit more equally.
i honestly have no idea how this is going to go.

Danny's gone, for a few months. sad. but i have someone to write to now, i guess.

things are better ... not a whole lot less confusing, but somehow, just better.

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