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car love!

Finally ... after a week and a half at the body shop ...

I have my car back!
and it looks even better than before. new hood, new grille, dents out.

I <3 my scion.

I love good news, too. Everything has been such stress lately, i'm happy just to have something good happen.

No more stress until Wednesday, when i meet with michael and ariana ... but i don't think that will go all too badly. Just some clarification of details, and then hopefully i can move past all this.
After this meeting, i'm hoping to have a fairly pleasant, relaxing evening. I'm bringing down "Election", and maybe i should pick up a bottle of wine. or several.

The diet is working, but i think i may have screwed my stomach up. For the last two days, i've been in pain every time i eat anything. My rings are slipping off of my fingers, though.
Tags: scion

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