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rouleaux and what pleases me

I am thoroughly pleased with how last night went.

I was supposed to go to my friend's band thing and then meet up with Michael, but after talking in the early afternoon, it was discovered that he wanted some company and i had a few hours to kill. So i went over there for a while. We talked, I marveled at how the whole house is wired by x-box to play halo2, and i straightened up his desk because the only mess i can stand is my own house.

I had planned to attend Rouleaux's show alone, but instead brought Michael with me (much to the amusement of my co-workers who also attended the show, and who i'm sure will be interrogating me this week). I was quite impressed by Rouleaux, especially since this was their first show together. much less emo than i expected from Paul.

Michael and I went back to his house, ate dinner (i ate food, even), and watched the "Oz" DVDs i just got off ebay. Four episodes, anyway. Until it was way late into the night.

I stayed. It was nice. It's been a long time since i woke up in the morning with those arms around me, and it was just as nice as ever. Call me a fool if you will, i'll understand. But i'll also continue to do what makes me happy, and not what pleases others.

Going back to sleep for a little while this morning ... as happy as i was, i didn't sleep so well, and i have to work tonight. Too wired, too twitchy, too much on my mind. As I've said before, absolutely no decisions are going to be made anytime soon, and i am doing my best not to overthink things. I always overthink things.

I am also making a serious attempt to not push. I don't want anything to happen because i pushed. That's not fair to either of us.

I guess no matter what happens, i have this little bit of happiness to remember. I think i can handle things better now than i could before ... i can't be hurt any worse, so bring it on.

Per the bathroom scale this morning, i'm down 30 lbs from my midwinter weight. sweet. Not too much further left to go. Then i just have to keep it off.

I wonder what i missed last night. Kylie?
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