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laughing just hard enough.

There are so many catty, snarky things i want to say ...
but i won't.
I will supress the catty bitch inside.

I am, as i have always been, greatly amused by watching people trap themselves in their own webs. The ones with sense know when to swallow their pride, admit their wrongs, and allow themselves a graceful way out. Then, there are the ones who have to be right. The ones who won't admit the truth even when faced with evidence of their lies.
I love watching these people panic and make fools of themselves.

At least he had the sense and dignity to come clean when confronted ... a small thing in the face of this whole mess, but still meaningful. The reason i did not walk away.

She didn't know what she had, and she'll never know what she lost ... too bad. Love is more valuable than lies and games. No sympathy here ... just observation. and amusement. and pity.

There is still plenty to work through, for myself and between Michael and I. I still have issues with his role in this mess. I have issues of where i fit in all of this. No decisions have been made. No plans. Monday, we go to the show that i've had tickets to for months. Right now, i'm just enjoying the time i spend at his side, and we do a lot of talking. Things will work out however they will. I think it will be easier without this bit of drama in our lives.

I can't say that i'm not happy about the way things turned out. There are many ways this could have gone, and maybe i'd be happier if no one got hurt, but it could been much worse.

This whole month has left me spinning. It's crazy how things can change so completely.
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