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there's no cohesive thought process here.

Work was stressful enough that i stopped on the way home to buy a bottle of wine. I'm burning out. Hopefully, dropping down to three days again will help me out, though it's going to be horrible financially. Did it before, can do it again ... but i may have to cancel the cable. I'll live, but the bird will be disappointed.

My chihuahua is the cutest one ever, but the one at work last night was damn close ... she had a little doggie mohawk, and one of my co-workers kept singing "Punk Rock Girl" to her. She spent a fair amount of time in my lap.

Anyway ... work sucked. The whole weekend at work sucked.
I'm off tonight. I'm going with dreammadeflesh to see Meat Beat Manifesto. I am excited. Not about driving to or parking in Hollywood, but other than that ... it should be fun.

I really need to get out this week. I work Thursday, but I've got Wednesday and Friday off. really must go dancing ...

The thing i don't understand about people is this: Why have things to hide? If everything is out in the open, then we're all on the same level, right?
Maybe I'm just naive, though. An oversimplification?

Ended up briefly discussing the nature of god at work last night, despite my usual bad on discussion of religion. Talking to a doctor, and i'm really not sure how the subject came up, I explained my theory of god - simply that i am my own god. He said that a professor had once told him that when you ask a person to tell you about their god, they're really just telling you about themselves. From this i came to two possible conclusions: Either I've got everything about rekigion figured out and am way ahead of almost everyone else, or I'm the most self-centered person on the planet.

either way, i'm okay with.

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