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Meat Beatings

Last night was so much fun I don't even know where to start.

The Meat Beat Manifesto show was incredible. Michael has proclaimed them "the best group ever" - I'd put them in the top five. They played "Set Me Free", and I danced with abandon. Michael danced, too ... very, very close to me.

To be honest, i was surprised that we made it all the way to his house.

But we did.

Once again, i didn't really plan on staying there - but i did. and i really love it there. Even if it is a futon with too many pillows (any pillows are too many, really), even if the room goes from icy to oven as soon as the sun comes up, and even when the rottweiler barks right outside the window at six am ... I really love it there.
And then he goes to school and i drive home, and soon i'll be climbing into my own bed for a few hours. Much softer, and i don't have to sleep on the pillows.

Saw the guys from Babyland at the show last night. Doesn't surprise me all that much that they'd be there.

"Now I want a cigarette."
"I don't mind if you have one."
"I don't care whether you mind or not."
" ... That's good!"

I have the free will that I think I had given up for a period of time ... long enough for it to be surprising when i do, i guess.

Heather is back from Berlin, and I'm happy. She brought back Euro-mono, though. So i'm taking her dinner tommorow night before i go out. And I get to see Kylie again tomorrow night, which always makes me happy.

So much is going so well ...
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