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Stir things up

I'm thinking of maybe having another party.

Mostly just because I want to. Unless anyone can think of an actual reason to celebrate.

I have to determine a date ... most certainly a Friday, but which Friday is undetermined at this point.

And I should figure out if anybody would even come, since I had a party in February. So ...

If I threw a party, would you show up?


So my carpets are squeaky clean, thanks to my mom's carpet cleaning machine. I think this thing may be on the list of major purchases that need to be made. I didn't think anything would have saved this floor, short of pulling it all up and putting in linoleum. It is not so obvious that I have many cats! And sitting on the floor is not so ... icky.

I had a frightening amount of fun washing the floors, too. Maybe it was yesterday's sleep deprivation. I didn't sleep after work, just started cleaning.

My house is so clean I want to move out.

I want to do something today ... I work tonight, but I have this whole day open ... must create adventure.

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