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There's a certain point at work when i cease to be stressed about keeping up on treatments. it's when we are so far behind and so understaffed that the idea of doing anything but the most vitally important work is a complete joke, and all i can do is laugh.

and if that wasn't enough ... the morning receptionist didn't show, so guess who got to play receptionist from 6:00 to 8:30 (when the 8:00 receptionist showed up)? I don't mind doing reception work, but i wanted to go home. Every time i started to gather my things and clock out, the bell would go off or the phone would ring, and no one would make any move to answer. I know most people don't like to do reception, but I didn't need the overtime, and they do know how. or they ought to.

sleep for a few hours, and then more work ... heather gave me a can of triple-strength diet rock star, so i'll be wired for work tonight. and maybe, just maybe, i'll go home early.

I start school tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous ... i don't know what to expect. everyone says i'll do fine. The only thing i worry about is my attention span - i'm in this thing for the next 16 months.

Michael got a car yesterday - a really nice little honda, a few years old, in great shape. I'm really happy for him. Since he had some money to put down, he was able to finance a nicer car than the one he got last year, when there wasn't much money to work with.
Since he never did, i'm posting the pictures of what happened to his old car:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hopefully this one will have better luck ...
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