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Didn't go home early, but I was supervisor and i left on time, which is quite the rarity ... did rounds in under ten minutes and bolted.

hit a grocery store on the way home, got salad for breakfast (it's good for every meal!) and a card for my dad for father's day ... i know i'm late, but i wasn't even in OC yesterday, so it's not like it mattered. The only pain was that they had already taken down all the father's day cards, so i had to get a blank card and actually be a teensy bit creative.
I also got an anniversary card for my parents. Tomorrow, they've been married for 25 years ... which means that my mom was just a little younger than me when she got married. Though i'd like to be married someday, i can't imagine being married so young. But my mom managed to find the one guy in the world who could deal with her for twenty-five years, and i guess it's worked so far. Probably helps that he can barely hear.

My scabby lasered tattoo itches like a mofo, and i'm not supposed to scratch it. fuck.

tonight, day 1 of 16 months of school ... wish me luck.

then, heather and michael. I told heather i'd help her clean up her house, since she kicked out her houseboy/ex, and she's sick and can't do it all on her own. Michael wanted to come along, so i'm picking him up on the way, though i'm not quite sure why he wants to help clean. he confounds me sometimes ...
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