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the money has finally arrived ...

I just got the most amazing voicemail.

It was from the Labor Board. "We have a check in the office for you, and we need to know whether you would like us to mail it or if you wanted to come pick it up."

I called back, but the woman i need to talk to is at lunch, so i left a message. I'm going to have them mail it, because that building is a thoroughly unpleasant place, and i don't feel well enough to rush down there anyway. I also don't know if this check is for the full amount, or if Central is trying to get away with something.

This is exciting.

I'm not going to blow the money - much of it, anyway. Some will go towards my car, the bulk of it to my savings, and a relatively small percentage will go to the lovely merchants of South Coast Plaza, where i will pretend to be rich for just one day.

couldn't sleep last night ... a few hours, but i can't breathe or get comfortable. I'm so over this.

the house is a mess and i hate television. I've got nothing to do for a few hours but lie here and be ill. And imagine my new Chanel sunglasses.

The girl who threatened me at work was fired. Management is not happy about the whole situation. I really would have been happy if they had just moved her to the other building, but they made their decision. My manager is pissed at me because the issue exists at all. I'm not happy the whole situation happened, but the feeling i get is that they believe i engineered it somehow.

Apparently, the tech also accused me of "trying to get her bit" by the Akita that was involved in the incident. That's an amazing claim ... not my style, really.
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