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at the carwash

I got outside in the sun this morning and washed my car in the driveway, just to remind myself why i usually pay other people to do it. My mom laughed at me because i was out there in my high heels (i didn't want to get my feet wet!) and the same clothes i was wearing yesterday. I would have done the whole carwashing in a bikini thing, except i'd get sunburnt and i don't even think i have a bikini here.

Dinner last night with stephinextremis was delightful. A great restaurant, insanely good service and food, and good snarky conversation. Just how i like it.

Took my leftovers (i can never finish a plate there, especially now) and went to Michael's. We watched more Oz, and snuggled up. Same story as usual ... I didn't mean to stay there, but i did. And just like usual, i wake up late into the night and ask him if he wants me to go ... and he tells me no and pulls me close.
It's an incredible feeling.
I never expected to feel it again.

I also fell asleep with my huge dangly earrings still in, and woke up with some very sore earlobes.

I've got lots planned for today ... but i should take a nap first, since i'm just not used to waking up at 0700.
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