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bats/potato salad/friends?

Last night, that was a strange one.

Michael went with me to bats ... he had fun, i had fun, but both of us were tired and the mood of the club just sucked. Kylie walked up to Que late that night, and I told her that it might not even be worth going inside.

I'm so confused by people's issues ... I know i can never understand every side of every situation, but sometimes i just don't have a clue where people are coming from. When my friends are weird at me (and michael) for no reason i can find, i'm lost.

Cheap drinks at bats will be the death of me.

Got a voicemail late last night from someone i haven't talked to in a while, but strangely enough i was talking about yesterday. I'll have to give him a call.

christ, i don't understand anyone anymore. I don't understand the attacks.

Went shopping with Mary in the afternoon yesterday (yes, alex, i went out in the evil daystar). Got a couple cute things, and a book on fifty recipies for potato salad. Because i love potato salad.
Tags: clubs, friends

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