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I'm going to have to assume that the bowl was not microwave-safe.

I'm making this assumption after almost setting my kitchen on fire last night. Trying to cook rice ... This is the second time I've almost caused disaster trying to cook rice. Maybe I should stick with ramen.

So my whole house smells of burnt plastic, and due to the screen problem mentioned a few days ago, I have limited ventilation downstairs. So I have the fans running and incense burning trying to get the smell out. Just when my house stops smelling like cat ...

So I woke up at 830 this morning. After falling asleep at 6am. My sleep is so fucked up. But I have been quite productive today. I called a plumber, and they are coming out to my house on tuesday to make the bathrooms work properly. I made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow. I had it cut recently, but I want to take a little bit more of the length off. Just a bit. And I went to the grocery store, and got real food for my house.

The cashier at the store carded me for some alcohol I got. She looked at me, and then commented, "Wow, you look so young." Surprised me. I didn't know I looked young. I feel old.

I need to quit smoking ... I need to want to quit smoking. My lungs are jacked up, I cough all the time, I spend too much money on smokes, my teeth are screwed up, my room and car are coated in ash. I don't know why I'm still having to look for reasons.

So I'm working tonight until one, and then I'll be in OC for a few days ... unfortunately, I'm working most of this weekend. No fun, but I need the money. And I'm working Easter ... holiday pay rocks.

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