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The young ladies and their secrets

Like Steph, I'm over it. ("it" covering a very broad range of things.) I'm also amused by some of it, but that's just me and my schadenfreude. But i've been over that and out of it for a while now, and satisfied with that.

I'm just kinda over this day ... totally wasted, for the most part. I was supposed to go out tonight, but was attacked by killer cramps and spent the night on the couch, watching wrestling and using Flea as a heating pad. I've been sleeping on and off, but I'd like to get eight straight hours, thankyouverymuch. I was actually all dressed up and ready to go out when my uterus decided that it was not going to cooperate with any of my plans.

I paid some bills and sent a letter to Danny, that was my big accomplishment for the day. I wrote a huge check to the bank for my car loan. I wanted to pay a chunk of it off while i have the money so that i can get my interest payments down.

Kylie and I were talking, and i ended up talking about mortgages and borrowing money and lines of credit, and had to stop myself when i realized that i sounded like i was forty.

I just realized that there was a babyland show tonight (last night?) and i missed it. damn. I would have gone out, cramps and all.

going to try and get a few more hours, then i'm going to go visit Danny when i wake up.

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