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Yesterday was a weird fucking day.

I accidentally flaked on someone yesterday, and feel like an ass for it.

First thing yesterday, though, I went to see Danny at Theo Lacy. Quite the surreal experience. For as many friends as I've had in jail, I've never visited anyone there before.
The procedure:
1. Find a spot in parking structure.
2. Walk from the parking structure to the other side of the complex.
3. Note the huge line. Gasp. Stand at the end of it.
4. Make friends with the people around you, since you're going to be here for a while.
5. Tell guys working front desk who you're there to visit. Spell last name three times before just finding it on the sheet yourself. ("K" is before "L", dumbass.)
6. Stand in another line.
7. Give ID to sheriff's deputy. Listen to annoying banter about being the first visitor with purple hair that day.
8. Sit in lobby. Wait.
9. After being called, given confusing directions to another building. Walk outside of lobby, down path, around corner, into another building, up elevator, and down a hallway.
10. Finally ... see Danny.

Next time I'm bringing some disinfectant for the icky little phone you have to talk through.

It was really nice to see him. I think he was surprised to see me - I told him in my last letter that i would come to see him friday, but i only mailed that on Thursday. We got to talk for about a half an hour before he had to go. I promised him I'd drink a hefewisen for him.
He really doesn't fit in there. We were talking about shopping, and he got more excited than me about going to the Chanel store.

As I was leaving, i stopped at the cashiers office and put all the cash I had on me on his books. As I was walking back to the parking structure, i realized that I needed that cash to get my car out of the structure. Total dumbass moment. No ATM was to be found on the property, and the nearest one i could figure would be at the Block, across City Drive, with me in heels and pants that were so too big that I was walking with a thumb through the beltloop to hold them on. (Don't ask me how i got out of the house without noticing that, but i did.) So I decided to see what I could dig up in the car. Ten minutes later, I had five dollars in pennies, nickels, and dimes. Just enough to spring my car from Theo Lacy.

From there, three hours after I arrived (and a good thing i did when I did, because the line when i left was twice as long as the line when i got there), I went to Michael's house. We had planned for dinner and a movie. I was at that point starving, crampy, tired, and a little sun-baked. So I lay down on the futon for a little while, smoked my one cigarette to stave off the hunger pangs, and did some reading while he got ready. We went to California Pizza Kitchen - the food there is too good for me to avoid it due to negative associations - and had a really nice dinner. Their salads are incredible. I drank the hefewisen, as promised.

We were going to go see Batman Begins at 10:40, but decided against it at the very last minute. Neither of us were feeling all that great. So I was driving him home, going south on the 405, when the car starts shaking and making awful noise. It took me just a second to realize fuck, that's a tire!

I pull over to the side, get out, inspect tire. Yes, it's blown. The sidewall went, which seems odd ... anyway, we get the jack out and go to change it. Problem is, my car is so low that the jack didn't fit under it. Left with no option, I call AAA. And we wait ... and wait ... finally, the guy shows up and goes to jack up the car. Of course, his jack doesn't fit under it either. What we ended up doing is driving my car up onto a 4x4 piece of wood so that we could jack it up. It would have taken me hours to come up with that.

Tire changed, and on our way ... I stayed the night at michael's again. It's so comfortable for me, right there ... too easy to get used to.

Yesterday was just a rollercoaster day of sorts - some good, some bad, nothing normal.

Today, I have to get home, feed animals, and then come back to my mom's because I'm watching the dogs. I also need to get some bird food ... maybe i should stop by my favorite petco.

I've been having lots of thoughts lately about just breaking ties almost completely with OC ... Michael keeps me here, as does Steph, my job, and my family. I feel like 90% of the things I have to deal with here, 90% of the people, really, just bring more negativity into my life. I don't know that I'm going to, but more and more i think i'd be happier if i just did. Most of my social life anymore centers around my friends in Long Beach, greatly because I'm so disgusted by certain people in the OC crowd that I don't even want to be near them.

I do this every few years. Can't stay somewhere much longer than that, things get stagnant.
Yes, I'm fickle.

Take it personally or not, no matter to me. If I care, you'd know it.
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