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i have the same dream every night

Yesterday was different.

It started with two hours of sleep. After two hours, my mom came downstairs and started screaming at me, because she didn't like that i was sleeping on the couch. Just because i am as stubborn as she is (and because the only place in the house for me to sleep is murder on my back), I continued to lay on the couch, wide awake with my eyes open. Then she couldn't yell at me for sleeping on the couch. When it was the time that I had planned to wake up (three hours later), I got up off the couch and got ready.

I was groggy for the rest of the day.

Got all prettied up, and went to a barbecue at Michael's house. Lots of strangers, but i did well anyway ... had some beer, and michael's roomie grilled up my veggie burger for me. Michael played poker and i read books, and eventually we retired to his room and watched more Oz. Every time a firework went off outside, i jumped and michael laughed at me. I hate that holiday.

Left near midnight and still sat in traffic all the way home.

People called me yesterday. i ignored the phone. there are voicemails, maybe tomorrow i'll check them. i hate phones.

today, school and work. chem test. grave staff of three people. I hate tuesdays.
Also today, i'm going to buy my rooms and tickets for San Diego. =)
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