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The water’s too polluted with germs

So if anyone knows anybody who might want a Jack Russel Terrier named Sammy ...
she's four years old, sweet, cute, and the victim of owner stupidity.
I don't know, if my dog ate a brick of rat poison, i'd be alarmed immediately, instead of waiting until the dog started vomiting blood. Call me crazy.

They refused most treatment, and signed her over. The doctor asked if anyone would take responsibility for her, and I suckered out. She's a real doll, and deserves better than what she got.

What she's got right now is lungs full of blood, and not nearly as many clotting factors as she should have. She's got the best in freebie treatment i can give her - plasma left over from another transfusion, a few things that just weren't written down, and all the chicken and dog food she could eat. I left her at work this morning, with careful instructions on how much money i could not afford to spend.
I think she'll do well regardless.
pictures are forthcoming.

anyway ... if anyone knows someone who might want a little terrier, soon to be in good health ... I can't keep her, as I already have one animal named Sammy.

Yesterday, I reserved my hotel rooms in San Diego. This trip is actually going to happen. I can't wait.

sleep now, for a while ... dinner with family, and a movie with dreammadeflesh tonight. Sweet.
yes, i am skipping out on Maschine. I promise i'll go out on Friday.
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