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Musical talent?

So apparently I'm in this band ...

Talking to Jessica the other day, she mentioned that her band, that I had no idea existed, was looking for a bass player, and Cryss, for whatever reason, had suggested me. I initially just wanted to decline the chance out of reflex, as I haven't played at all or had a lesson in years, beyond picking up the instrument and playing the few bits I remember ... And I never remember having played that well ... but with encouragement from some via e-mail and phone calls, I said I would give it a shot.

I also remembered what I wrote about a few days ago ... taking risks and creating adventure in my own life ... being less of a passenger.

So Jessie and Michael came over this afternoon, put my bass back together, and worked on some stuff. Michael left, and Cryss came by, and he helped us a lot figuring out basslines for some of the stuff, remembering songs I used to know, teaching me a few new ones, and helping me get warmed up to the bass again.

It's so sad, watching the newly non-smoking struggle. I want to give them cigarettes, not because I want them to smoke, but because I want to fix the awful feeling.

Cryss and Jessie and I spent most of the afternoon and early evening just playing around with sounds, working on lines for another song, and such things. And me playing around with her tuner trying to figure out exactly what notes I can whistle in.

Jessie says she can teach me to sing ... I'll believe that when I hear it ...

Got my hair cut this morning ... bangs are really short ... back could be shorter but I like it for now. I'll post a pic when I take one.

Work the next four nights in a row ... pout. But I may be out tuesday night, to pretend to have a social life before my GY shift. Or I may stay in and practice my bass ... or be repairing it because i throw it on the floor when the broken output jack makes me mad.

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