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Do not make the mistake of believing that i am the person who is speaking to you now.

I was supposed to meet with the guy that wanted Sammy at 1230 in Long Beach. Normally, in mid-day traffic, going into OC/LB, the trip takes me an hour.
A dirt truck overturned and stopped the whole fucking freeway. One of those big stupid open-top trucks, the kind that always spray my car with dirt and rocks, flipped over and spilled dirt across all the lanes.

Two and a half hours later, i'm in long beach. The guy was a total sweetheart for waiting, sitting in the sun in a park with his dog. His dog liked Sammy, he loved Sammy, Sammy loved him, and I am now less one Jack Russell Terrier. :D

I'm really glad to see her go to a good home. The guy came highly recommended by a girl at work, and he seems like a total dog person. I think he'll take really good care of her. I feel good about the whole situation - I'm happy she did well, i think she's a great dog, and i think she'll get lots of love where she's going.

I'm really glad to be out of my car. it's horribly sunshiny out there.

So tonight I'm going to go see the movie that i've been trying to see for two weeks now. I've heard such good things about Batman Begins ...
After that, I'm supposed to go see heather_leather. I don't see her enough, though i probably see more of her than anyone besides michael. I think beer, music, and complaining are all part of the evening's agenda.

i still <3 my iPod. this little tiny thing, and i can exclude the whole world.

And I hate gardeners who feel the need to rev leafblowers and hedgetrimmers under my window at 8am. I went to bed at 5:30, and woke up to that cacophony. I'll probably start nodding off at 10pm tonight.
I ought to find somewhere different to sleep on Friday mornings.
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