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the computer that ate my browser

So my computer ate Firefox. Completely. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, de-spywared ... nothing will make my computer open Firefox.

A call to my computer friend, and we discussed that the registry has probably been corrupted. So instead of fucking with that (which i know very little about), I downloaded Mozilla, and all is well. It's annoying, though.

I have cleaned out my computer so thoroughly trying to fix this that it seems that I've finally gotten rid of my pop-up problem. Don't quite know what I did, but it's nice.

My car is all clean and shiny again, just how i like it. I got it washed and waxed and all that today, and had a long conversation with a strange lady from Sacramento. It's always odd, the people I meet when i'm feeling social.

It's horribly, horribly hot out here. Like, naked is still to many layers hot. The a/c in my house is useless. it sorta worked for one year, and never again after that. The cats are laying in the bathtub, Flea refuses to move, and i've been running errands all day because the a/c in my car is better. Every time it gets like this, i start thinking about all the places that I want to live that aren't here.

My mom thinks Washington would be a good idea for me. Maybe I'll take my next vacation up there ...

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