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And we got license plates, wedding gifts, tax returns

Today I went to see Danny. He's doing well in there, berated me for not writing more often. What can I say, i'm lazy.

Project Fake Girlfriend is in full effect. The photo that now graces my userinfo will soon be posted on a cell wall at Theo Lacy, and no one will be involuntarily outed in an inconvenient enviroment.
i like that pic, any way.

it's easier to be a fake girlfriend then a real one. though to be technical, i'm not really a "real" girlfriend either.
that does not mean it's open season. we have arrangements.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to the Industrial Music Festival with Justin. Babyland, w00t. i don't think i have any good clothes here to wear, but i don't care much. I didn't plan well. I'm going, i'll see Babyland, it'll be great. I'll probably be tired, too, since i have to work today.

Got a nice nap in, though, and feel better. I was all tired, even though i got six solid hours in at michael's last night. I slept better on that futon than i ever had before.

Got to go pick up the bridesmaid dress this week. not looking forward to it. maybe this will inspire me to spend some significant time at the gym, and start with the starving again.

i need a haircut so bad.
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