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Meanwhile back in Subvert City

Thank the heavens for vicodin.

thanks to vicodin, i'm feeling just a little less miserable. this bottle is coming with me this week, until this either a)gets better or b)i go to a doctor.

Kaiser's ask-a-nurse line is a waste of time, but to be fair, i know she could only give out the same amount of information to me as i could give to clients that call into the animal hospital looking for advice. Let's see ... abdominal pain, chronic symptoms getting worse, no diagnosis, well, i'm sure the only advice i could get (or give) is to go to the ER. She actually told me to have someone drive me to the ER ... yeah, lady, not an option.

if it gets any worse, i'll go, i swear.

After sitting in my mom's house all day, i decided I needed amusement, so i took my movie pass that i got from work (sidenote: who gives out one single movie pass, anyway? i mean, i was grateful, but that just seemed a little odd, and i think my coworkers agreed.), picked up michael, and went to see Wedding Crashers. Pretty funny movie, but I'm biased in favor of Vince Vaughn for some reason. I just like the guy. Any way, it made me laugh, and that made me feel a little bit better. Not physically, but at least i felt better about having to be in pain.

Because, you see, pain and sadness sucks more than pain alone, which is still suckier than pain and happiness.

And i sat through, with michael, a whole movie about weddings, and didn't make a single obnoxious comment about getting married. i was proud of myself.
and i try to choose my battles wisely.

this scared the hell out of me - i arrived home tonight and did my usual animal check - four cats, one bird. Except that there was no bird. there was an empty cage.
a quick check revealed what happened - one of his toys had fallen, gotten wedged just a little bit in the door, and prevented the door from latching when i fed him just before i left.
So the bird search was on - i was dreading finding a feathery mess, though i was pretty sure he could hold his own against the cats. searched the downstairs - nothing, not even a feather.
I finally found him upstairs perched on a dog crate with a smug look on his face. and then he tried to bite me.

damn vicodin nausea.
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