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What a fucking weekend.
Read that as you will.

I will start by saying that I almost lost my favorite pen three times at work last night, but lucky me, I always got it back.

Michael and I went to Release The Bats on Friday. We were supposed to meet Heather there, but she was all tired and flaky. I looked damn hot, in one of my harlot schoolgirl outfits. The place was dead, and eventually we figured out why - the worst band ever, Kastle GreySkull, was playing. This is the deathrock band fronted by none other than the infamous Bridgett the Midget. We went running from the club after about three songs ... we had better things to do, anyway.

I stayed at his house Friday night, woke up at 05:00 on Saturday morning, went to my mom's, took a shower and went to the neighbor's garage sale where i found an great old "Beefeater Gin" mirror and more picture frames for my wall. I read the paper, checked my email, then drove back to Michael's where I crawled back in bed with him and slept for another five hours.

My sleep schedule is so fucked up.

Mary's barbeque was in the afternoon. True to form, it didn't really start until hours after the invites said it would. So Michael and I showed up two hours 'late', and were still the first people there. Mary was giving away alcohol and plants that she didn't want to move. We made out well. I have plants in my kitchen now, and Michael is probably nursing a sake hangover if he cracked the huge bottle he took home.
The barbecue was great fun. I'm going to miss Mary, though I'm really happy that she got into vet school. I may go up to her house for Christmas.
It did suck not being able to drink, having to be at work at 21:00. I restrained myself.

Work was ... work would have been a lot better if I didn't have blood sugar problems all night. For some reason, i've not been able to keep my blood sugar up for the last two days. I'm hardly doing any insulin, and still having insulin reactions.

This has been a really nice weekend. Michael had a much-needed day off, i got to spend time with him and go out, we got a lot discussed, things are going well. I'm really happy, and it's nice to be loved, to love.
a matter of terminology has been decided upon in a positive manner. a small matter, but important to me nonetheless.

I really am happy, and there aren't many points in my life i've been able to say that.
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