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my finger is on the button

this is one of those days where i should have stayed asleep.

the first significant event of the day set the tone for the rest of it. This event being the one where i managed to rip the driver's side mirror off my car.
don't ask how, it's my fault, and i don't want to get into it.

so it's off to the dealership in the morning, and a bus ride back to my mom's. if it were cooler, i'd walk, but in this heat, a bus ride is bad enough.

and it all went downhill from there ...

not that there weren't good points to this day. i had some nice michael time, i danced at what may or may not be the last Maschine. I saw Kylie and Lenna and Andy and Tobi and Irene and Mattie.

i think i just want a do-over for wednesday. I want chocolate but i'm eating cucumbers.
there are old patterns forming that i'm not quite sure how to stop.

and for your entertainment, since this is such a mopey post, i give you the Chemical Brothers video game.

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