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cars and money and parties.

I've already gotten bunches done today. Nothing fun, but at least all the crappy stuff is out of the way.

I went by the Scion dealership and ordered the replacement mirror. $204 ... sigh. my own fault, it just has to be done. I'm still going to have to pay for the installation and the damage to the body. I'm also having the 30,000 mile service done. I'll drop it off tomorrow morning, and hopefully get it back in the afternoon. The body work will have to be done elsewhere, but hopefully that will also be a simple thing.

I drove out to Moreno Valley and back already today. It was 98 degrees out there when i left. winter is coming, i keep telling myself.

Tonight i'm driving to riverside for a party that a doctor at work is throwing. It's BYOB, so i should probably pick up a B this afternoon. Michael is going with me, as well as Stephanie. I'm looking forward to it.

And here is our president, the epitome of class.
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