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All I can do is be there ...

People are so confusing/confused sometimes ... i try to be there for my friends, it's rather important to me and I'd hope that the same would be done for me, when I need supporting.
But I have to be careful not to be walked on, not to get taken advantage of. I know I can set myself up to be used, tread upon. I've learned to wear a bit more armor than I once did.
But in the end what really matters to me is that I know I have done what I can for the people I care about.

So much to be said that I either don't want to say or can't find the words for ... here, and to others ...

So I'm watching a dog show on TV, I know what a geek I am ... especially when I recognize some of the dogs, and have my favorites ... gotta love the standard poodle ...

and back to work tonight ... tomorrow ... tuesday ... wee hoo. Work was totally dead last night except for the hour or so i specifically did not want to be working, of course. And the computers decided to freeze while I was trying to charge a client for a euthanasia ... one thing that I'd like to have go smoothly, get the sad people out of the hospital as quickly and easily as possible. But no ...

I came home last night ... didn't really want to spend any more time at my mom's house, and I missed my kitties ... I'll deal with the commute for the next couple days, or maybe camp out there again monday and tuesday. This flexibility is nice.

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