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While everyone's lost, the battle is won

What an exhausting day.

I was going to go to Bunker tonight, but by the time it was going-to-bunker time, i was already exhausted and had no clubbing partner. Heather was too tired, Michael has work/school stuff in the morning, and i really don't like driving out there by myself.

Michael came over to my mom's for a bit tonight. We watched Shrek 2 and ate Thai food. A really quiet evening, but pleasant nonetheless.

Had the whole car thing to deal with this afternoon. I took the car in this morning, and got a ride home from the shuttle. At noon, they called and said my car was ready to go. I reached Heather, and she said that she'd be over in just a few to pick up my car. "Just a few" for Heather can mean a decent amount of time, so i didn't call again until after two, when the dealership called me.
"I'm just finishing up at the store. Fifteen minutes."
At three fifteen, she calls me. "I'm just down the street. I'll be there in a second."

I go outside, light a clove, wait.

Twelve minutes later, she pulls up to my house.

I love Heather, but I can't operate on Heather Time.

We get my car, then proceed to Theo Lacy. The line outside was short, but that simply disguised the hour-plus wait in the lobby.
It was nice to see Danny, but I will have more fun with him when he gets out.

I got my hair cut this morning. I love it. It's a little different than usual - shorter in the back, chin length in front. Heather called it the "standard goth A-line cut."
pics will go up as soon as i get around to it, because i am a lazy camwhore.
Anyway. I went to a place in Long Beach that Mary recommended, and I love it. I have a new hair place.

I was in a mood to take pics tonight, but then i cleaned the litterbox and now i just don't feel sexy anymore.
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