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Lebanese food is damn good. I love falafel. And i love the garlic sauce that covered it.

I stopped by work tonight, to verify the rumour and drop off some reviews. The text of the memo is as follows:

"... effective immediately, all ACCIM hourly employees will receive a 10% increase in their base wage. The increase will be present in the August 15th paycheck. Please note that this increase has no impact on regularly scheduled employee reviews and wage increases. It is your hard work and dedication to the practice that has made this possible and ACCIM's success is your success."

More than sweet.
For all the stresses of the job, the issues i have with management and co-workers, this is the best hospital I've ever worked for. Not many hospitals give a damn about their employees. I don't know why my hospital did this, but it's awesome.

That "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" show is on TV. Maybe it's just me, but i don't get it. it's not funny.
Of course, I have no sense of humor.

Michael, if you're reading this to see if I wrote about what I said I wouldn't write about, see? I didn't. Happy?

Tomorrow, lunch with Lacie, and I have to drop off my hideous brown velour jumpsuit to be embroidered with my name. This should be fun.
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