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misanthropic anthropod with something to say

I'm lazy today.
I need to clean, a bit. On saturday morning, my aunt is bringing me wall unit tv thing to replace my cabinet on top of a side table that is currently holding up my tv. I'd hate to have her see my house a mess at all.
The cleaning isn't happening right now. It was 106 degrees and the a/c gave out at about noon. It's too hot to exist.

I think i may want a nap.

All the high-minded pretentiousness and wannabe intellectualism that filters out from the angsty youth (and not so youth) of OC (and elsewhere, now) annoys me more and more, for some reason. None of it is profound, all of it has been said before. None of you are special snowflakes, and i have so much more respect for those that know it. Well, there are those that are just special.
No one cares, you know - and if they do pretend to, they're just as self-absorbed and fake.

burning bridges is fun! when i leave ... someday ... everyone will know exactly how i feel.

Ever tempted to friend someone just to watch the trainwreck of their life? Is that wrong?

why yes, i am feeling rather misanthropodic today. why do you ask? maybe it's the heat.
the day is young, i've still got plenty of time to be bitter and hateful.

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