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the end is always sometime somewhere

The end was close by for a chihuahua last night, who escaped an abbreviated existence more times than I can count in a horrible, horrible surgery last night. I anesthetized the dog at 0315. We opened and closed him three times, placed a chest tube, sewed his ribs bag together, breathed for him, never did find the leak, and took him from surgery to the ventilator at 0810. (i was supposed to be off work at 0600, but what's a little overtime? I had the chance to leave, but i wanted to see it out.)

Last i heard, he went back into surgery at noon, they removed most of his right lung, and he was up and biting people in the afternoon. I was so happy to hear that.

The whole surgery was just a disaster - no one did anything wrong, but we had no idea how bad it was when we went in. I was totally unprepared to do a thoracic surgery, as was the doctor. Thank goodness Levi and Dr.M. were there to help, as i was was over my head and so was Dr.K.

The saddest thing to me is that i can't even remember his name, i don't think i ever knew it, and that bothers me.

so that was exhausting ...

tonight, before i go to sleep, i have to pack for san diego. I hate pecking, it's always too much or too little. Michael and i are taking the train down tomorrow afternoon.

If anyone can pick us up friday evening when we come back, please let me know - it'll be early evening, bribes will me given. Call me.

I'm way excited about this trip. I've been planning it for so long, and it's almost here, and i don't have to work or go to school tomorrow and i'm going to get on a train and relax and stay in my nice hotel room and live without any schedule at all for a few days.
maybe i'll even go look at the water.
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