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Oh, it's nice to be on my own computer again.

I don't even know where to start ... this would be an illustrated post, but for that i can't ever seem to get my camera and my usb cable in the same house at the same time.

I guess i'll start from the beginning ... keep in mind, i've been drunk all week, so this all may be a little fuzzy.

Wubby was sweet enough to take us to the train station Tuesday afternoon, for the lowlowprice of an iced coffee.
The train ride was almost pleasant, nearly completely ruined by the loud italian drunk and the obnoxious twenty year old girl in an A&F shirt egging him on. Their inescapably loud conversation went from bisexuality to discussion of "niggers and queers." Thank god for iPods, but I felt bad for Michael having to hear all of it. The conductor came by once and told them to keep it down, but it didn't help all that much.

We finally escaped from train hell, and walked the six blocks to our hotel.
The hotel was as nice as I remembered, and the bistro was still open for dinner. so we had drinks and dinner. Best cream of mushroom soup i've ever had, and martinis that made every bad thing just go away.

I got a room with a king-size bed, and it was so nice to have that whole bed to share with michael ... i <3 small luxuries.

Really, I'm just happy that i got to spend three nights sleeping next to him.

Wednesday, we went exploring and found a great Irish pub. The next few hours are fuzzy. We didn't really so anything specific on Wednesday, just spent a lot of time walking and exploring.

Thursday morning, we woke up and walked down to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where i laughed at the abstract as i usually do. There was some nice stuff, but it was a very pretentious little place. After that, we walked up the shoreline to the San Diego Maritime Museum. That was much more interesting. I went in a submarine, and was thankful that I do not work on a submarine. I had a Marilyn Monroe moment while walking on a ramp between ship and shore - michael seemed amused. There were some very cool old ships there, and i had fun exploring them.

Sometime in all this, I managed to hurt my foot. By the time i got back to the hotel, i was having a hard time walking at all.

We called my friend Marcy that lives down there, and she took us on a tour of the area she lived in. She also took us down to old town san diego - - where i did some shopping and found a new hat. After that, back to her house for a while to play with her crazy dog and naked cat, then to the Shakespeare Pub, where I proceeded to to get happily drunk and smoke a cigar.

That was pretty much it ... today, my foot hurt too badly to do much of anything, so we had breakfast (beer!) and then caught an earlier train than I had planned. This trip was quite pleasant - a quiet ride, window seats on the ocean side of the train. My brother picked up up at the station, and that was the end of my vacation.

It was more exciting than it sounds, really. Or maybe not - the purpose of this vacation, for both michael and i, was to relax, and that's what we did. No school, no work, no worries but what restaurant to try for dinner or what beer to order next. it was so nice. We got along splendidly the whole time.
Somehow I managed to pack too many outfits and not enough underwear.
I am going to single-handedly bring hats back into fashion.
I spent a lot of money and don't care at all.

i'm already planning the next one.
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