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Nothing brings rain like a freshly washed car.

Even more so than Sierra's rain dance.

So my car was all shiny clean. I actually washed the filthy thing the other day, got the bucket and soap and rags out and scrubbed it.

It started raining on my way home from work tonight.


So I woke up this morning in quite a melancholy mood, the feeling of black clouds looming on my horizon. No reason, really ... well, reason, i think - i've been pretty isolated since saturday ... nothing but car and work and home ... i handle my aloneness well enough most of the time, but it does get to me.

Anyway, I haven't been able to shake this mood all day ... work was fine but it dragged ... helped spay my friend Naomi's dog, and now i have a uterus in a jar, for my collection. Talked to Jamie quite a bit ... she and her girlyfriend are coming on friday, which makes me smile. Went on a small spree at Target today, and bought some stuff to make my bathroom prettier ... i may tackle that project tonight, before i go to sleep.

Sometimes my drive home goes by in a blink, and sometimes it seems to take days ...

i miss my friends. But I will see them all soon enough.

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